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tun n : a large cask especially one holding a volume equivalent to 2 butts or 252 gals [also: tunning, tunned]

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  1. A large cask; an oblong vessel bulging in the middle, like a pipe or puncheon, and girt with hoops; a wine cask.
  2. In the context of "brewing": A fermenting vat.
  3. An English measure of capacity for liquids, containing 252 wine gallons; equal to two pipes.
    • 1882: Again, by 28 Hen. VIII, cap. 14, it is re-enacted that the tun of wine should contain 252 gallons, a butt of Malmsey 126 gallons, a pipe 126 gallons, a tercian or puncheon 84 gallons, a hogshead 63 gallons, a tierce 41 gallons, a barrel 31.5 gallons, a rundlet 18.5 gallons. — James Edwin Thorold Rogers, A History of Agriculture and Prices in England, p. 205.
  4. A weight of 2,240 pounds.
  5. An indefinite large quantity.
  6. A drunkard; so called humorously, or in contempt.
  7. Any shell belonging to Dolium and allied genera; called also tun-shell.


Alternative spellings


  • [tuːn]


From the tuon, from the tuon, akin to the Old Saxon dôn; compare the Dutch doen.


  1. To do.
  2. To make.

Inari Sami


  1. you (sg.)



  1. : hunger, starving; hungry; a famine
  2. : eat, food; radical number 184

Pinyin syllable

  1. A transliteration of any of a number of Chinese characters properly represented as having one of four tones, tūn, tún, tǔn, or tùn.

Usage notes

English transcriptions of Chinese speech often fail to distinguish between the critical tonal differences employed in the Chinese language, using words such as this one without the appropriate indication of tone.

Old English


From *tūna- ‘enclosure’. Cognate with Old Frisian tūn, Old Saxon tūn (Dutch tuin), Old High German zun (German Zaun), Old Norse tūn (Swedish tun).




  1. An enclosed piece of ground, an enclosure or garden.
  2. The enclosed ground belonging to an individual dwelling.
  3. The group of houses on an area of enclosed land, a homestead.
  4. A large inhabited place, a town.


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  • dōn "to place, put, set"





  1. cannon


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